Our Story


Lattuga Organics is natural, tropical and purposeful skincare that takes care of you and our planet.  It was founded by sisters from Puerto Rico with a passion for creating clean, natural remedies for their skin and personal care. [Our goal is for you to feel confident in your own skin and in your skincare.]

“My sisters and I grew up in Punta las Marías, a small beachfront neighborhood in San Juan. Our mom would often take us to the beach, bringing with her a jar of olive oil, one with local honey and a bag of brown sugar. We used them to scrub and moisturize our skin.

Mom always inspired us to take care of ourselves in simple, natural ways. She says Mother Nature provides for us and has the best remedies, and has immensely influenced in our lifestyle. Always label conscious, we began to look for ways to keep harsh chemicals and synthetic preservatives out of our daily care products, and have always loved making our own. This has stuck with us all along and so, Lattuga Organics was born.

- Camila Merino, Founder


We are committed to re-purposing waste and reducing our carbon footprint through our business practices, using post-consumer recycled materials for packaging, sourcing ingredients from companies powered by renewable energy, and backing local suppliers.

Furthermore, we have partnered with Café Lareño in order to support a Bioeconomy. We are utilizing the coffee leftover from coffee processing as raw materials for our products. This also generates a small but supplemental income to the coffee producers for something that would most likely end up in our landfills.